Strangers Forever

When you travel, you meet people, a lot of people. You talk to them and share minutes – even hours – of interaction with them. At some point, you feel a certain kind of connection, a kind of closeness that you know will fade once you separate ways. I think this is the charm of random encounters, you wonder what comes after even though you know you won’t cross paths again. Maybe not in this lifetime.


20 Photos of the Wonders of Sagada

Words cannot fully describe how breathtaking Sagada is, and to say that it is beautiful is an understatement. I was in awe of the creation in front of me – the lush mountains with towering trees, dark caves that unveil unique formations and rich terraces that have been there for ages.

Truly, I have left my heart there; and here are some photos to show why Sagada is one of the best places in the Philippines: Continue reading

Are you a traveler?

Be a traveler, not a tourist. Find life experiences and swallow them whole. Meet many people. Look beyond what’s right in front of you. Go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. Try everything. Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life.Project Happiness


And I almost missed this trip.

26th of December last year, I woke up an hour before my 6:55 am flight to Laoag. Prepped up as fast as I could and asked Dad to drive for me. I still made it, but flight has been delayed. Guess I was lucky enough.

It takes 1 hour from Manila to Laoag, and the whole time I was just thinking of the things to do and if I am going to survive the 4-day-trip alone.

The plane landed. My mind was totally blank.

Am I here yet? Oh, here I am. Continue reading

CORREGIDOR: Of chains, blood and valor

It was in May 2012 when I went to the historical Corregidor, famous for its ruins and bloody history. I took the Historical Walking Tour where I had to walk for 2 hours utmost with one guide. Luckily, all of the other tourists opted to ride the tranvia so it ended up like a private tour .  We all had the same itinerary but the experience of it was totally different; it was as if I was one with those who endured and died in the Death March.

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